Kelly H

“In April of 2012, I had laparoscopic surgery at Pearl SurgiCenter to remove advanced endometriosis and a related large cyst on my left ovary. I had a similar surgery eight years earlier in a hospital in New York and my two experiences were so starkly different. Words to describe my New York experiencing: frightening, procedural and cold. Pearl Surgicenter: warm, comfortable and confidence-boosting. You really get the sense that Dr. Rosenfield is a laparoscopic rock star and for sufferers of the enigmatic endometriosis, he really knows his stuff. My post-surgery pain was so meaningfully better than the last time. His staff were all super sweet and helpful too both pre and post-op. In particular, Keri Swanson, RN really went above and beyond in answering questions and just generally being helpful. I continue to sing their praises to close friends.”