transgender surgery portland oregon

If you or a transgender loved one are planning hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and ovaries) as part of your transition in Portland Oregon, consider Pearl Women’s Center and Pearl Surgicenter for the Expert Care You Deserve.

Our expert team focuses on an exceptional and cost-effective experience for patients interested or undergoing hormone therapy and surgical intervention, with specific expertise in transgender guys assigned female at birth.

We prescribe and manage hormone therapy using the only PCAB-ACHC and NABP-VPP accredited and inspected hormonal compounding pharmacy in the Northwest, NewEra Pharmacy.

new era pharmacy

Our surgical team performs Hysterectomy and Oopherectomy with the least invasive techniques, completely outpatient, at a significantly reduced price when compared to hospital-based transgender surgery.

In fact, our Medicare Certified Outpatient Surgical Facility (Pearl Surgicenter) has completed more outpatient hysterectomies with same day discharge to home than any other Ambulatory Surgery Center in the US.

Dr. Richard Rosenfield is an internationally recognized expert Gynecologic surgeon who values the incredible opportunity to help patients achieve their surgical goals during such an important transition.

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