cosmetic labiaplasty in portland oregonIf you are self-conscious or physically uncomfortable because of stretched, enlarged or misshapen labia, cosmetic labiaplasty at the Portland, Oregon offices of Pearl Women’s Center can improve your appearance and your quality of life. Our board-certified gynecologists possess specialized expertise in the treatment of the female anatomy to ensure that your procedure is performed with the highest level of precision and care.

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Cosmetic Labiaplasty in Portland, Oregon

For a quick rundown about labiaplasty, watch the overview video or read below for more information about cosmetic labiaplasty surgeries, why they are performed, and what you can expect from your procedure here in our Portland, Oregon, gynecologic surgery practice.


Cosmetic labiaplasty, also called labia reduction surgery, is an aesthetic procedure that is performed to reshape elongated and enlarged labia. Because our doctors are gynecologists, our patients are often more comfortable approaching them for cosmetic enhancement of this area than other types of doctors. Women typically find it a great relief to have labiaplasty as it offers several improvements:

  • Reshaping the labia
  • Repairing effects of childbirth and the aging process
  • Increasing comfort in fitted clothing, and during physical and sexual activity
  • Reducing self-consciousness

View our patient photo gallery to see some of our actual labiaplasty results. This procedure can be combined with nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with FemiLift™, surgical vaginal rejuvenation, or another surgical procedure, either medical or cosmetic, to give you multiple improvements with a single surgery and recovery period.

What to Expect

Our providers perform labiaplasty as an outpatient procedure in the fully accredited Pearl SurgiCenter using IV sedation with local anesthetic. Instead of simply removing the excess tissue, which leaves an unnatural look and uncomfortable scarring, our providers use a specialized labiaplasty technique developed by Dr. Gary Alter. Carefully performed under magnification, this technique preserves the natural contours and skin coloring of the labia; the resulting scar is concealed and minimized as well. This meticulous procedure takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Recovery & Results

Recovery after a cosmetic labiaplasty procedure is typically brief and straightforward. Most patients experience minor swelling and discomfort for about 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend regular sitz baths for the first few days after surgery to encourage healing. Stitches should dissolve within about 2 weeks.

If your job is not strenuous, you can plan to return to work in about 2 days. You will need to delay strenuous exercise, sexual activity and high impact sports like horseback riding and cycling for about 6 weeks.

Once the area has healed and swelling has resolved, our labiaplasty patients are consistently satisfied with their improved appearance and greater comfort. This very private enhancement usually provides extremely rewarding changes.

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