Essure Removal in Portland, OR

essure removal in portland oregon

Our gynecologic surgeons and providers are familiar with the wide range of issues associated with the Essure procedure. These problems range from chronic pain to heavy bleeding to inflammatory and autoimmune disease states. Depending on the interests and needs of patients, a treatment course will be carefully selected.

While there is no official link in the evidence-based literature, it is alarming to see so many women come forward with gynecologic problems after placement of this device.

Essure Permanent Contraception Background

Essure was originally approved internationally and then in the United States as a Minimally Invasive Hysteroscopic permanent method of contraception. Gynecologists and their patients were very excited about the idea of a noninvasive FDA approved procedure requiring NO incisions and allowing for a speedy recovery.

The procedure became extremely popular, and the company (Conceptus) was eventually acquired by Bayer.

The Problem with Essure

When Essure was approved for use in humans by the FDA, physicians assumed that safety and long-term issues had been carefully assessed.
Unfortunately, for thousands of women, this was simply not true.

From poor placement to placement of multiple implants, including migration of implants, perforation of the Fallopian tube, and systemic reactions to the devices, thousands of women have now presented to their doctors with complaints that previously had not been associated with the devices.

Clearly, removing the devices sounds like the logical solution for women negatively impacted by the devices, but removal is NOT a simple process. When the Essure implant is not carefully removed by an expert, there is concern that the PET (polyethylene terephthalate fibers) and Nickel alloy can fragment off of the device and cause worsening systemic inflammation or reaction.

For this reason, we recommend seeing an expert Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon for evaluation.

Protocol for Essure Removal

At Pearl Women’s Center, we have developed a comprehensive protocol for assessment and removal of Essure devices.

Our Essure removal process is as follows:

  1. The protocol begins with imaging and labs to determine the location and number of implants, as well as serum nickel testing.
  2. Surgery is then planned per best practice and approach for the patient and the surgeon.
  3. In many cases, Laparoscopic Removal of the implants is achieved by removing the entire Fallopian tube and part of, or the entire uterus.
  4. Our surgical pathology team evaluates all specimens and take photographs of the condition of the devices upon arrival to the lab.

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