Amanda B

Twelve years ago, I was told I should have a hysterectomy. It terrified me. I put it off and put it off; but, finally I had had enough. My girlfriend told me to check into the Pearl Women’s Center. During my initial consultation, I was very impressed with Dr. Rosenfield and his entire staff; I went ahead and scheduled a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy.

The surgery took place in the surgery center above the clinic. I felt content in the care of the surgery staff as they prepared me for surgery. Everything went well and I got to go home the same day. In no way did I feel like they rushed me out. By the time I left, I felt pretty good and I was ready for my own bed. I had continued care from the comfort of my home. I received many phone calls checking on my progress from both the doctors and the nurse staff. I felt that they gave me excellent bed side manner and made me feel at ease.

Six days after my surgery, I returned to work. I took it easy since I was a bit sore, but overall I could function normally. After six weeks I still encountered a very small amount of spotting and my belly button was sore when I sat for too long. Soon those symptoms subsided and I felt wonderful. It has been a little over three and a half months, and I can’t describe how amazing I feel. This truly was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Looking back, my healing time was so short and the benefits are incredible.

I feel silly that I waited so long, this procedure was not any worse than some of the problems I encountered in the last twelve years.

Thank you to Dr. Rosenfield, Keri and his entire staff. It is nice to have a life that is not dictated by my cycle!”

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